K12 Literacy Partner’s vision is for all students to have the literacy skills needed to fully participate in a 21st century democratic society.  To this end, we believe good schools begin with administrators and teachers who understand learning and who unite to make it happen, using data to inform instruction,  while encouraging a culture of collaboration and inquiry amongst all stakeholders.

​In partnership with K12 administrators and teachers, K12 Literacy Partner’s mission is to provide site-based, ongoing and systematic professional development and coaching in literacy leadership, data analysis and interpretation, as well as in literacy-based practices specific to the school, grade-level, content area, and/or classroom setting.

Kim Kopfman, Ph.D
Nancy Guth, Ph.D
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To find out more about our recently-developed playing card games that help with word learning, please visit our PRODUCTS page. To see the game in action, please click on the video.

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